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What are your dreams and goals?

13 Sep, 2021
What are your dreams and goals? A dream for your life…what is that? It’s what you imagine, what you want your life to look like. We can all dream…let our imagination run away with itself, create whatever we want whenever we want it. Do our dreams mat... (read more)

Making Changes in Life

13 Aug, 2021
What are changes? There is nothing more certain in life than change. It happens continuously throughout our lives with or without our awareness of it. From the minute that we are conceived. The very process of birth is a huge change. One minute we’... (read more)

Spring forward to a new mindset

13 Apr, 2021
Spring forward to a new mindset It’s that time of year when new life springs to action in the nature all around us. Here in the UK we put the clocks forward an hour, making it lighter for longer in the evenings. Some of us might even feel the urge to... (read more)

Understanding is Power

22 Mar, 2021
Why? why? why? When we’re really young children, we just accept everything, see the world around us as it is without question. As we grow, we start to want to know why. Anyone that spends time with toddlers can soon get frustrated with the never end... (read more)