Rapid Transformational Therapy

The RTT 21 day Program

Are you struggling or feel stuck?

Do you feel like you just don’t know where or who to turn to for help?

Whether you feel your personal struggle is insignificant or major doesn’t matter. It IS important.. because YOU ARE important.

Rapid Transformational Therapy, RTT for short, can help with a huge range of feelings and conditions. Whether mental or physical... pain is pain!

If you are suffering in any way, you will know it’s not easy to navigate a way through. And the longer you suffer, the more it wears you down and begins to affect more and more aspects of life.

That is why we encourage you to read on and understand what Rapid Transformational Therapy could do for you. Then book a FREE Discovery Call with us so we can answer any questions you may have.

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

RTT is a hybrid mix of hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and Neuroscience. It has been specifically designed to access and talk to the most powerful area of the subconscious mind. It can help ‘reprogramme’ thought processes and transform feelings, self-talk, and beliefs rapidly.

It was created to deliver real results quickly… and it does just that.

Our clients often see a dramatic change in their ‘condition’ after just one session, as this is backed up by a recording (created during the session) to listen to for the following 21 days – an essential element of the RTT programme.

What can RTT help with?

It would be far simpler here to actually list what it can’t help with! Some of the main reasons our clients come to see us are:

Anxiety ∞ Depression ∞ Trauma ∞ Stress ∞ Worry ∞ Sleep issues ∞ Fears and Phobias ∞ Physical Pain ∞ Lack of Motivation ∞ Weight Loss ∞ Relationships issues ∞ Feeling lost or stuck

..and many, many more.

If you don’t feel as though you fall into any of the above categories, please don’t worry. RTT can help in many more areas of life than we could ever list. Book your FREE Discovery Call and we can answer all your questions and any concerns.

How does the RTT process work?

Step One
Either book your Free Discovery Call and/or book your RTT session.

Step Two
Listen to your pre-session recording. This prepares your mind by allowing it to become familiar to the relaxed feeling of hypnosis (through which you are awake and in total control) and to either Alison or Ray’s voice.

Step Three
Attend your Rapid Transformational Therapy session, either over Zoom or in person. This session will last between 90-120 minutes. We don’t work to specific time limits because the session is unique to you and so we always ask our clients to allow three hours.

Step Four
Listen to the recording of your RTT session each day for the next 21 consecutive days. This is a vital part of the therapy. We will check in with you three times over this period.

Step Five
Arrange a further RTT session if required.
Live your fabulous new life which you deserve!

Our personal experience of RTT


Contact Alison Mortimer

My personal experience of RTT has been mainly around weight loss. I always struggled with my size, shape and weight. I’d tried various diets during my life which helped for a short time but I only ended up putting all the weight back on plus a bit more beside.

I hated shopping for clothes as it made me feel disappointed and critical of myself.

Through this amazing therapy I learnt how to love and accept my body and understand how and why I was controlled by food. RTT gave me the power to have a better relationship with food which in turn has allowed me to shed over 2 stones in weight and drop 2 dress sizes.

I feel fantastic, healthy and slim for the first time in 30 years and I remain so over a year on. I’m still not a big fan of shopping but I can try clothes on now and feel proud of the way I look!



Contact Ray Mortimer

Have you ever suffered with depression… its not nice. I am proud that I have grown through the depressive times which I started to experience in my late teens.

Notice I don’t say ‘my depression’, I’ve learnt that if its mine then its harder to let go!

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) saved me. It taught me new beliefs and values about myself, especially in how to love the most important person in my life, ME!

Only from here can I love and help others. So here I am to help you.


How does Rapid Transformational Therapy differ from Hypnotherapy?

We are often asked how it differs from traditional hypnotherapy and the answer is simple; it does what it says on the tin.

It helps you transform your circumstances, whatever they may be, rapidly. Most clients want to feel different and change their lives now… not to have to visit a therapist longer term and take baby steps.

Because RTT is a combination of more than one therapy and is a much longer session than a hypnotherapy session, it is effective much more rapidly than most types of traditional therapy.

If you think Rapid Transformational Therapy can help you, book your FREE Discover Call today.

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When your 18yo daughter tells you they think they need to speak to a professional about something they don't want to talk to you about, you feel like you've been stabbed through the heart! Fortunately, when this happened to me, I knew Alison and was able to put my daughter in touch with her directly. As a result of her sessions with Alison, my daughter did talk to me about what was going on, and she really began to understand herself and her feelings and emotions. Alison made a huge positive impact in our lives at a time I was rather panicked, to say the least, about what was going on. I will never be able to thank her enough. If you are going through anything and need someone's help, then please book a discovery call with Alison. It may just change your life.
Claire Taylor
Right from my initial call with Ray, I knew I was in the right place with AlRay Hypnotherapy. Ray's calm yet authoritative, knowledgeable approach put me at ease throughout our time working together. I'll admit to being sceptical about hypnotherapy, but was immediately reassured following my discovery call with Ray. He presented a very relaxed environment for our session and his manner and attention to detail throughout were second to none. Ray is someone I hold in the highest regard - I couldn't be happier with my experience and would happily recommend AlRay.
Russell Thompson
I have had a couple of sessions with Alison. One for weight loss and one for sleep. Both sessions were amazing. Alison is truly an amazing lady and is very professional in her work. She has one of the most calming voices I haver heard which is fantastic for the work that she does. I would absolutely highly recommend Alison and AlRay Hypnotherapy.
Bev Flanagan
I was always thinking in my head that I am not good enough to carry out such and such a task or it was too difficult for me to accomplish. However now after undergoing RTT my self-confidence and self-belief is slowly growing day by day. Anyone who is contemplating RTT but has doubts I would say go for it 100%. Ray listens attentively to you during the RTT session and is very relaxed which allows you to open up and pour out your heart in terms of how you are feeling and what improvements you want in your life. I would certainly use the services of Ray again in the future.
A Rayhann
I need to say what a fantastic therapy this is, like no other I've had in the past. Alison was so calming and reassuring. My story..... on 20th January this year I had a total mental breakdown, I went out in the car intending to crash it into a wall, police, crisis team my husband and my daughter were waiting for me when I got back home. I was in total dispare. over the coming month I had contact with my GP and the crisis team but no offer of any kind of therapy. In May the feeling of taking my own life was so strong that again I reached out for help to no avail. Then a friend mentioned RTT. Had my first Zoom session with Alison on 5th May and theres no question of looking back. wow how powerful is our mind if we tell it the right things, don't get me wrong it's not all been easy as I had doubts that it wasn't working. But Alison was the voice of reason, in fact I told her she was like a little imp on my shoulder haha reminding me that 'I am enough'
Pat T
My wife Debbie, talked me into having a session with Ray. At the start of the session I was very sceptical about it, but I was amazed how Ray made me feel at ease and it was very relaxing throughout. During the most difficult period in my life, Ray has helped me reach a far better place and helped me overcome many anxieties and worries. He has always been there for me even after the sessions finished. Without Ray I do not know where I wouldn't be today and I would highly recommend Ray and Alison's sessions. Thank you so much Ray for your support and guidance.
Phil Roberts
Highly recommend AlRay Hypnotherapy. After one session I feel so much better and have answered a lot of questions. Alison puts you at ease and is very professional throughout the session. After being originally slightly sceptical, I’m so pleased I had it done.
Michael P
Alison puts you at ease before the session starts. You are fully in control of what you do and say, you just end up feeling very relaxed, like you are soaking in a lovely warm bath. I started to produce a lot of acid causing severe acid reflux. Through RTT Alison managed to get to the root of my problem. You are given a recording of the session which you listen to every day for at least 21 days. A week on from treatment and I am already feeling the benefit of less reflux. I would recommend you try this treatment from either Alison or Ray at AlRay Hypnotherapy.
Zena M
I will keep it simple. I was VERY skeptical. However, I was also VERY tired of suffering from depression and anxiety. Ray helped walk me through a process and I now see myself on a pilgrimage moving forward. I am SO glad I didn't let my skepticism keep me stuck any longer. My only advice is call and see if they can help. He helped me......
R Allen
I had a session with Ray, for my eczema, which brought to light a few feelings and ideologies about myself I hadn't figured out/dealt with, which may have been the cause, after the session, my mood was definitely elevated and I felt better/calmer in general. His voice is also very calm/soothing. I would definitely recommend to anyone!
Nina M
I was a little sceptical about being hypnotised as I thought I wouldn’t be susceptible. Ray had explained to me, prior to the session, that I would not be “asleep” (as I had previously thought I would be) and that I would be completely aware of my surroundings the whole time. True to his word, that is exactly how it was. I thought I would feel self-conscious and vulnerable during the session, but I felt completely safe and relaxed throughout as a result of Ray’s calming and confident approach. Following the session, Ray provided me with a recording to listen to daily. I found this so helpful in cementing the message of the RTT session. I still listen to this on a regular basis at night before going to sleep. It has helped me to totally change the way I think about myself and to realise that I am enough. Ray has been approachable, friendly and professional throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend AlRay Hypnotherapy to anyone who is not happy with some aspect of their life. You really can make a change.
Diane Jenkins