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Rapid Transformational Therapist

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a cycle… on autopilot… unable to get control over your worries and fears? Feeling unmotivated.. Just going through the motions? Are you suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, or pain?

We can help you with all this and so much more.

To overcome anything in life and feel better, we need to understand the cause.

Once we understand what has happened to us and why we feel as we do, we can then begin to put it behind us and move forward in a new positive way.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is effective for many issues including

AlRay Therapists

Alison and Ray are qualified and experienced therapists. Having both had their own struggles in life to overcome, they are friendly and warm and completely non-judgemental.

Rather than go down the traditional hypnotherapy route, they decided to train in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). They wanted to help their clients change their lives in the shortest possible time, rather than having to see tiny improvements develop over a long period.

And that is exactly what they are doing - changing people's lives!

Why Rapid Transformational Therapy

Both Alison and Ray have gone through Rapid Transformational Therapy themselves, for very different reasons, and so know personally just how powerful it is. It combines hypnotherapy with other disciplines, and this makes it the rapid therapy of choice globally.

Many people think that hypnotherapy puts you to sleep or into a ‘trance’. When in fact, it simply relaxes you to a level you are comfortable with. You are always in control and aware of what is being said to you.

Following your RTT session, you are given a powerful personalised recording to listen to each day for a minimum of 21 days. This reinforces the changes you wish to see in your life and is a crucial element of RTT.

All sessions are available to be delivered over Zoom or in person (in compliance with any Covid-19 regulations).


I had a session with Ray, for my eczema, which brought to light a few feelings and ideologies about myself I hadn't figured out/dealt with, which may have been the cause, after the session, my mood was definitely elevated and I felt better/calmer in general. His voice is also very calm/soothing. I would definitely recommend to anyone!
Nina M
Alison puts you at ease before the session starts. You are fully in control of what you do and say, you just end up feeling very relaxed, like you are soaking in a lovely warm bath. I started to produce a lot of acid causing severe acid reflux. Through RTT Alison managed to get to the root of my problem. You are given a recording of the session which you listen to every day for at least 21 days. A week on from treatment and I am already feeling the benefit of less reflux. I would recommend you try this treatment from either Alison or Ray at AlRay Hypnotherapy.
Zena M
I need to say what a fantastic therapy this is, like no other I've had in the past. Alison was so calming and reassuring. My story..... on 20th January this year I had a total mental breakdown, I went out in the car intending to crash it into a wall, police, crisis team my husband and my daughter were waiting for me when I got back home. I was in total dispare. over the coming month I had contact with my GP and the crisis team but no offer of any kind of therapy. In May the feeling of taking my own life was so strong that again I reached out for help to no avail. Then a friend mentioned RTT. Had my first Zoom session with Alison on 5th May and theres no question of looking back. wow how powerful is our mind if we tell it the right things, don't get me wrong it's not all been easy as I had doubts that it wasn't working. But Alison was the voice of reason, in fact I told her she was like a little imp on my shoulder haha reminding me that 'I am enough'
Pat T
Highly recommend AlRay Hypnoterapy. After one session I feel so much better and have answered a lot of questions. Alison puts you at ease and is very professional throughout the session. After being originally slightly sceptical, I’m so pleased I had it done.
Michael P
I will keep it simple. I was VERY skeptical. However, I was also VERY tired of suffering from depression and anxiety. Ray helped walk me through a process and I now see myself on a pilgrimage moving forward. I am SO glad I didn't let my skepticism keep me stuck any longer. My only advice is call and see if they can help. He helped me......
R Allen

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