What are your dreams and goals?

What are your dreams and goals?

13 Sep, 2021

What are your dreams and goals?

A dream for your life…what is that? It’s what you imagine, what you want your life to look like. We can all dream…let our imagination run away with itself, create whatever we want whenever we want it. Do our dreams materialise? Only if we make them so by turning them into goals and then actioning those goals.

As children we all had dreams of being or doing whatever we wanted, there were no limits to what we created in our imagination. As we got older expectations were set, many by others and we kind of just complied…often totally opposite to the dreams we had.

It is never too late to follow your dreams!

What's your dream? Do you want to give your vision life? If so write down your goals and use these questions to speed up delivery of your dream.

1. What's the most important thing you want to achieve in your life?

What's most important for you to experience, explore or embrace in your lifetime? Until you get clear on your answer to this question, your life goals will be off purpose. Unaligned with your inner passion, your intentions will lack the power to achieve your goals by attracting the people and situations that are necessary to make them become a reality.

Become aware and tuned into your true joy. What activities did you enjoy as a child? What are your hobbies now? When your goals are aligned with your soul, synchronicity kicks in to guide you to your target.

2. Are you striving for your goals or someone else’s?

Are your goals your own choice, or what others think you should strive for? Do you want to look back and wish you had followed your passion? Will you regret settling for how it is or just going along with what someone else wanted?

It is not selfish to go after your own dream…What joy can you give to others if you haven't given it to yourself first?

3. Have you settled for less than?

Are you resigned to accepting less than your full share of love, health and success in your life? Have you compromised and sacrificed your dream?

Anything short of living your true passions will never make you happy.

4. When you reach your dream…what will you feel like?

Having passion fuels your vision. Jump into the thrill and exhilaration of the feeling of living your dream. See it, touch it, feel it, hear it, taste it, smell it.

Being aligned and really in your flow brings your dreams into reality.

“Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.” Lao Tzu

5. What actions can you take today towards your dream?

Don't put off your dream any longer. Set up supports and systems around you to instantly translate your intentions into action. Jump on every opportunity that is in line with your purpose and vision.

Are there smaller actions to take that lead to your larger dream? If the dream is to run a marathon, train for a local fun-run first. And find a way to measure your progress. Track those little wins-by writing in a journal or telling a friend.

6. Are you keeping yourself from achieving your dream?

Most people don't believe they can live their dream. Either their belief system has them believing they can't make a living doing what they love, or they feel they don't deserve their dream. To avoid the pain of feeling they can't have their dream, people often keep their dream so buried they can't remember they ever had a dream. If your beliefs are holding you back, Rapid Transformational Therapy can unlock that part of you. Book a call with us today to discover how.


Everyone has a dream! And everyone is destined to fulfil their purpose. Why wait?