Making Changes in Life

Making Changes in Life

13 Aug, 2021

What are changes?

There is nothing more certain in life than change. It happens continuously throughout our lives with or without our awareness of it. From the minute that we are conceived. The very process of birth is a huge change. One minute we’re all nice, cosy, warm and content… our every need being met…the next were plunged into a very bright confusing world. It’s a massive shock to our system… some might even say traumatic.

From then on everything changes. Small changes, big changes, we grow constantly. When we become adults: -

  • We make decisions for ourselves
  • Decide how we want to be
  • What we want to achieve or become.
  • We kind of take control of the changes in our lives, we think more about our thoughts and feelings around changes that happen around us.
  • We can certainly carry on growing and learning if we let ourselves.

How do we let ourselves grow?

Again, it’s our choice…do we stay stuck in the same old same old, because it’s easier, safer, we know what we’re doing kind of thinking or do we push our boundaries, try new things, experiment with new pursuits or hobbies?

Staying stuck can start to feel boring and pointless after a while. I believe we are here on this planet to have fun, to enjoy and engage, to experience everything that life has to offer. If we don’t do anything different day in, day out, we’re not getting the excitement that we need to make life fulfilling.

Even if we’ve got a job that is quite mundane or repetitive – it’s not exactly the same each day, there will be slight differences.

The key is to recognise if things have started to become mundane or we’ve become disinterested because that is when we can make changes. They don’t have to be big changes…even changing our thought about a person or situation can make a difference. Being consciously aware of our attitude to those around us.

Changing… “I can’t be doing with this” to “how can I help?”

How can I make that person’s day better? Even that little tiny change makes a huge difference to your world and to theirs.

Our minds don’t like change, we really like what is familiar to us and it tries to keep us there… it knows that we're safe if we're doing something that we've done before. Change happens constantly around us, we need to keep up with change, not for any other reason than to keep ourselves interested and engaged in life.

How do we make changes?

It’s just a tiny thought away… If you think that you want to change something, then you change it by having a thought, that then becomes a feeling, which then becomes an action. This quickly gets embedded into a new way of being… it’s quite simple really.

An example of this is when I decided that I wanted to change my eating habits especially with chocolate. I loved milk chocolate…the taste…the smell… the feeling of it in my mouth. I knew all that sugar wasn’t good for me, but I didn't really want to give up chocolate. So instead of denying myself chocolate, I found a better way of enjoying it. Instead of milk chocolate, I thought, right, I'll try dark chocolate… slightly better for me. The problem was that I didn't like it. So, then I was like, oh, what do I do now?

Knowing that our mind likes what is familiar I decided to make dark chocolate my familiar. I started off with a little bit each day, just a tiny bit. And my mouth got used to that taste. My taste buds got used to that taste… it didn't take me long, probably a week…I actually started to like it, which was very surprising. That is how your mind works. It likes what's familiar. If you need or want to change something…make something new familiar.

The same with exercise. I wasn’t a big exercise fan, barely walked more than a few thousand steps a day. I started walking more when I got my fabulous dog, Toby…because yeah, Toby needed it. But now, I love walking. Absolutely love it. If I don't have my morning walk, I feel that there's something missing. It's part of my routine now. I appreciate the nature all around me, breathe in the fresh air. It's my new familiar.

I love watching the changes that happen in nature and it makes me think about our changes. Nature is forever changing and it doesn't kick up a stink about it. It never complains or says “I don't want to grow.” It just gets on with it.

Maybe we can ‘take a leaf’ out of nature’s book (pardon the pun). Just get on with making changes…be willing and eager…embrace it… allow it and enjoy!

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